Emily Bona-Cohen
Emily Bona-Cohen
Consumer and Product Insights Manager

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Emily works closely with the digital product and marketing teams at HBO, utilizing qualitative and quantitative methodologies to deliver insights around consumer attitudes, behaviors and trends. Her role primarily focuses on informing the direction of HBO’s website, streaming apps and emerging media initiatives, helping to ensure a user-centric approach to product design and development.

Emily has over 10 years of research experience on both the client and vendor side, much of which has centered on Millennials and Gen Z – notably from her prior position managing digital consumer insights at Nickelodeon as well as previous collaborations with media companies including MTV, Comedy Central, IFC and Bravo. Before starting her career in research she worked in TV production, where she grew passionate about identifying and communicating the desires and needs of the end user (aka, the audience) to the creative decision-makers.

Emily holds an M.S. in Media Research from Hunter College in New York and a B.F.A. in Photography from Washington University in St. Louis. She draws from her experience in visual arts, production, and research to find innovative ways to dig below the surface and satisfy her innate and incessant curiosity about consumer behavior.