Erin Frederick
Executive Director, The Hometown Project

Founding Executive Director. After many satisfying years helping established and storied non-profits such as Sundance Institute, The Paley Center, and Outward Bound, I’ve decided to take all that I’ve learned and set out on an exciting new venture: the building of an activist political non-profit from the ground up!

Together with my longtime friend Peter Salett, we’ve embarked on creating a new catalyst for change at the local level. The Hometown Project recruits cultural leaders from all walks of life to return to their hometowns and support local candidates running for office.

We are starting small yet have already attracted great interest and enthusiasm from artists, activists, foundations, and budding politicians, with a goal to be a game charger in the 2018 midterm elections and beyond. Our Advisory Board currently includes Edward Norton, Connie Britton, Billy Crudup and Jason George, as well as activists from the LGBT and environmental community.

While so many are fixated on the challenges in Washington, we at The Hometown Project are focused on the true grassroots: local elections in statehouses, school boards, and city councils which in the past few years have been dominated by candidates backed by corporate financiers. Most of what touches our lives every day is driven more by what happens at city hall or in the state capitol than by what happens in DC.

In our work at The Hometown Project, we coordinate with regional organizations to bring people of recognition (we call them Energizers) back to their hometowns to get out the vote and draw an expanded, progressive audience which can really make a difference in races decided by just a few votes.