Dolly Wolf
Dolly Wolf
Co-Chair, One Day Immersion
Owner: Dolly Wolf Enterprises, LLC

Session: Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dolly Wolf is an experienced program creator/director with outstanding program and project management track record. She is able to bridge diverse communities, resulting in high-impact collaboration and communication among all participants. She has proven success in all aspects of program development, including idea and strategy; project planning and execution; speaker recruitment; event management; promotion; and delivering on time and on budget.

After nearly 20 years in the cable telecommunications industry, Dolly founded Dolly Wolf Enterprises, LLC, with the mission of fostering relationships between executives and students. Dolly Wolf Enterprises strives to offer unprecedented access to top cable and digital TV executives for college students, and to create an authentic connection of media leaders, cable and beyond, with the best and brightest college students and recent graduates. The company produces forums where executives share their paths to their current positions, and provide insights and opportunities into the innovative and fast-moving industry. Dolly Wolf Enterprises fosters strategic relationships for students and executives, as they build mentorships, focused career plans, and ultimately, provide job placement.