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Share your wisdom and inspire young talent.

Perhaps you're a seasoned veteran of your particular business field. Maybe you've chosen to rue your competitors, or perhaps, you've been inspired to help young men and women move forward in their disciplines.

One Day Immersion (ODI) provides students and recent graduates access to powerhouse executives to be inspired, gain incredible insights, and prepare themselves for the challenges of our shared future. As an executive, ODI is a terrific give back moment to share what you’ve learned along your career path and inspire young talent.

Students are looking for real world advice and insight from those who are making their mark in the industry. These young men and women are willing to meet astronomical standards! Take this unprecedented opportunity to give back to someone who strives to be like you.

We hear so many times from executives that they wished there were opportunities like ODI when they were in college. Students leave inspired and ready to test what they've learned. Executives have been known to connect with students beyond the event through internships and mentoring sessions; an essential element to starting a career.

Take a look at the executives who were in front of the students in 2019, and let's add you to ODI community roster: